Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I took a tiny break from my paper crafting this week. I was cleaning out my closets and making room for storage when I came upon all my fabric and sewing supplies that I have not used in about a couple years. I decided to sit down and see if I remember how to sew. It was just like riding a bike and this are the great little creations I am now going to list for sale on Shop handmade and etsy. I have already sold 6 and continue to get orders and some questions on if I will do custom orders. It's a good thing I haven't mentioned that my machine is a embroidering machine he he he. I guess when they see my next creation and see the embroidering they will ask ;-). I will be posting some of the measurements to this cute bags on the sewing blog I will create in the next week, but not all as I can't give away all my secret's.

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