Sunday, August 22, 2010


POST UPDATED: Empty wall solved
I did a little bit of rearranging in my studio to give me an area for sewing. I also came up with an idea to fill in the empty wall behind the table. All items were found around the house and with a little bit of creativity I was able to create the two bulliton boards. They were both old home interior picture frames of animal prints that I took and spray painted black and covered with black material. I then decorated them with scrapbook materils. didnt cost me a penny ;-)

The view looking out while sitting at the table

I spent most of the morning rearranging my studio yesterday so that I can hold my classes in there and fit 8-12 comfortable. I used to have a day bed in there and took it out.

I love the new look as all my guest can now look out over the lake as they are creating. I do need to come up with an idea to showcase all my finished cards and projects on the back empty wall behind the table.


  1. WOW!!! i LOVE what you did to the place =)

  2. a shadow box for the cards and paper decorations along with some hooks for the purses would look great! You have done an awesome job :-)

  3. Hi Shannon: I love your room. You've done a fantastic job of organizing. Can you tell me is your floor hardwood or laminate? I'm debating about a "future" room. I have hardwood now, but the finish is wearing where I scoot around on my chair with "special rollers for hardwood floor." Ha! Anyway, it was a pleasure viewing your site.