Monday, April 4, 2011


I wanted to make a fabric flower that matched my Daisey Reversible apron and one that I could take off when I washed the apron. Below you will find the instruction using my Round scallop Nestabilities. 

I first chose the size of round nestabilities I wanted to use. I only cut one at a time in my Big Shots

Cut 4 of the larger size
cut 4 of the next size down from the larger one
I chose to not use the samllest one in this photo

You will now fold your circles into halfs and the forths to form the petals

Sew all 4 petals together stagering them one on top of the other

 Do this with the second layer of the second print

I added one more layer of petals the same size of the second layer but only used 3 instead of 4
Once you have all petals sewn in together at the center points just fluff the flower up to give it shape
I glued a clasp on the back side so that I can take the Fabric Flower off the apron when I want to wash it

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