Thursday, June 23, 2011


With all the new Ric Rac, Trim & Ribbon I bought from "MARDINS" great prices I had to come up with a storage solution. I wanted to be able to keep them handy and close to my sewing table. So I looked all around the house and found my old stash of canning jars and jars I saved over the years for just in case. I also used some vases.

This miss match of jars and vases work just perfect for each of the different styles of Ric Rac, trim and ribbon.

This is my sewing side of my studio. I like to have everything handy and reachable from my table

I took a 8 x 8 picture frame and backed it with a pretty piece of Cardstock. I then used my cricut cutter and cut out the quote and applied it to the top of the frame. I bought a black dry eraser pen and TADA I now have a dry eraser frame.

I place my Ric Rac in vase and any fat quarter bundles in baskets. The boxes are full of "This & That"

All my quilting rulers are placed in a bill organizer I bought for 1.00. It works perfect

My Fat quarter single pieces are nice and tidy in this cute little basket at the top left.

I have my most often used patterns stored in Magazine holders and a basket for those I am using for projects in progress. 

The basket in the bottom left corner is some projects I am working on that need to be finished with a two week time period.

The bottom right hand are all my patterns I print from the internet saved in each a gallon storage bag. Under that are all my magaizenes and instruction booklets

The top left is my rolled fabric pieces I have bought, the little vase is full of ribbon flowers already made.

The top right mason jars are just the perfect size for any Ric Rac I have on hand.

In the lower left is just some of my threads. They are the most common used colors I use. The little basket is full of bobbins.

The bottom right is some more material I have on hand.

I have a beautiful view of the lake looking out the two front windows.

This little corner closet actually does hold a lot. I have all my batting and my scraps of material stored in there. Mt scraps are saved by color in Ziploc bags. My scrapbooking scraps are also saved the same way on the bottom shelf's. I have more patterns and all my notions stored in little drawers and storage units.

The other side of my studio is my scrapbooking section

Not only do I love to sew but I also love anything paper crafting. SoOOOOO of course I have a side for scrapbooking.

The table was made from an old counter top my hubby had

The card holder is a very old picture "Home Interior" picture I had that I took and convertered it into this great card display.

I store a lot of my supplies in jars and small and large vases

Hubby made me the cup holder for my many colored pencils and gel pens. I used just plain white plastic cups.

My nestabilities hang ready to be used on my little dry eraser board.

I took an old wood spice rack and painted it black. This holds all my scrapbook embellishments like my brads and eyelets along with my hodge podge collections.

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