Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Aprons have become extremely popular today. You can choose from several fun fabrics that can be matched with so many coordinating styles. A co-worker asked me if I could do some matching aprons for her two daughters. I took on the challenge. I headed over to MARDINS which is my favorite fabric store in case you don't already know. I spent hours coordinating the fabrics and just had so much fun picking out the styles.

I had to make a mother and two daughters ensemble. The two daughters are 5 and 1. I did not have a pattern for the toddler one so I had to create my own and I love how it came out.

The next set is for the mother and 5 year old daughter and they both match the toddler apron.

This next set is for her other daughter and son

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  1. As the recipient of the mother and son aprons, let me say that the pictures do not even do them justice. They are so beautiful and well made.

    I didn't know they'd be posted here on your site - I stopped by to do some shopping as I love the quality and style. Having spotted them here I thought I would send you my warm regards and let everyone know what incredible work you do. Thank you! -Amy