Friday, June 3, 2011


I meet Kate the fabric manager at Mardins in Madawaska upon shopping last week and she told me about a great program here in Northern Maine for all us sewers.

You decide on a sewing project you would like to create, choose the fabric to create the project and get it for free right then and there. You then have 2 weeks to complete the project and bring it back to the store. Mardins will then hang your finished items for 3 weeks in the fabric department and once the 3 weeks are up you get your items back. What a great program. Fabric for free and finished projects back at the end of the 3 weeks how could I say no to that.

This is my first project I did for the summer season. I just love how bright the colors are and they coordinate so well together. I love it so much this will also be my fabric of choice for a twin bed quilt I am making for my spare bedroom.

The dress pattern is one of my favorites to make and the pattern is a free download from "OLIVER +S COMPANY" you can get it by clicking on the link HERE.

The ribbon flower was created using 1" silk ribbon and the tutorial can be found HERE.

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