Tuesday, October 4, 2011


These adorable dresses and instruction can be found all over the Internet. I was doing a search for summer dress patterns for little girls and came upon a site and I just new I had to be a part of.
It is called

"Little Dresses for Africa"
This is a great organization that works to get dresses over to Africa to give to the little girls there. It is a non-profit organization reaching out to touch others in a way that will be greatly appreciated by so many girls over there.

Read all about this great organization at the link below

My goal is to try and make 100 in the next few months to send over there
If you would like to help out you can also make dresses to send to Africa. All the direction to make the dresses and instruction for mailing them can be found on their site or at the link below

The instruction start at size 3 up to size 12
It only takes 4 easy steps to make this adorable dress and a small amount of material anywhere from a yard to 1/4 of a yard.

When shipping the dresses be sure that you indicate the size each dress is then roll them into 2 gallon ziplock bags. try and fit as many as you can into one bag. All smalls together all mediums together and so on. This helps with the shipping process.
You can create several different styles with this very easy pattern as you can see listed below these are some of the styles I have come up with. Just image the little girls that you will place a smile on t heir face when they receive a bright whimsical dress. With so many Fabric patterns out there you could really have fun.

This is a size 5T (this one is actually made for a friends daughter)

This one is a size 2T ( also made for my girlfriends youngest daughter)

Is this one not just ADORABLE I even added some ric rack on the top of the red material of the hem. I changed the measurements of the length of the dress to accommodate a 4 inch coordinating fabric for the hem. I will have my instructions for this one written up later this week and posted.

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  1. These dresses are beautiful! It looks cute for any girl who will wear this.