Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So for years I have bought several patterns of one style so that I would have all the sizes I needed cut for that pattern and saved for all the sizes. Well how foolish of me RIGHT!  Who new you could trace them, so off I went on tracing and failed several times as the pattern would keep shifting or even the paper on top. UGHHHH frustration once again and back to buying several packets of the same pattern.

Then a light bulb came on for me and I came up with an idea, now this one might already be out there but in my travels through the web I have yet to come upon it so I thought I would share how I trace my small to medium pieces patterns and how I store them. 

Instructions with smaller pattern pieces to medium. (I just tape larger pieces to my work table and trace with freezer paper in pieces)

I cut out the pattern with all sizes first and then iron it out nice and flat.

Next I will then add double sided tape to the back of the pattern and adhere it to a piece of paper or card stock. The card stock works the best as it will not fold easly or tear and stores flat. I use 8.5 x 10, 12 x 12, 11 x 14 and some poster board for larger pieces.

Now that you have your patterns adhered to the paper you can now begin tacing

I use freezer paper for almost all my pattern pieces and those who do appliquing knows this is a great way to work with patterns as they can be ironed in place on fabric so that they do not move around so much therefore I do not have to pin I just trace the pattern with my chalk. I place the freezer paper on top of my patterns and tape it down to my table so that it does not shift on me. Be sure to use a ruler to get your lines straight and the key is to trace slow.

I trace everything from the pattern to the freezer paper. I find using a mechanic pencil works the best for me as it is very thin.

Now that your pattern is traced you can now cut them out.

I store all my pattern pices in a ziplock bag and try to keep all pieces nice an flat so as not to place any folds or creases in them. I keep a backet full of these standing up.

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