Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I made the investment into a serger. It is the one at the very lowest cost that is out there, but I wanted to be sure I liked it and I would use it before I made a larger investment. I heard so many bad and good reviews and the # 1 complaint for all sergers is the threading process. HELLOOOO its all color coded and a breeze to do.  I bought the singer serger profinsher at joanns on sale for $199.99. I LOVE IT!!!!

Okay so I have all this great sheer fabric that I bought for $1.50 a yard and really haven't done much with ut because it is a very hard fabric to work with. SOOOOO I decided why not just try it. YUPPERS HOME RUN!!!! I made some scarfs and we all know those scarfs are now becoming a #1 accessory for all our wardrobes. This took be literally 10 minutes to complete one. This is from cutting to finishing. Well I went to work and made some last minute gifts for some friends who I know just love to wear scarfs.

I cut the fabric the length of the fabric x 9". You can make it as long or as wide as you want.

The upper loop thread and right needle thread is set to 2 and the bottom loop thread is set to 4

Tension is set to fine

Place it in your serger being sure that your serger is set for a rolled hem. I have mine set for a 3 thread rolled hem. Let the machine do all the work for you. I just guide it as it is being serged.

Use different thread colors with the many fabrics to use. Give it contrast.

Now that you have completed your scarf you can wear it several different ways. Let your styling begin for all your outfits.

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  1. Love these! Don't have a serger....any other way to finish them off? Scarves are a new thing for me, but I LOVE them :-)