Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This pattern is one of the easiest and simplest patterns to make. It is the "SEW FLOUNCY" Pillowcase dress pattern from Foot Loose and Fancy Free.

She has several styles to create and the designs are endless once you know all the correct sizes. I did however adapt the measurements for a 4 tier ruffle instead of the 3 in the instructions.

I wanted to incorporate the bottom trim fabric that was given to me by my sister In-Law. It was my mother In-Laws fabric she had been saving. Once I saw it I new exactly what I wanted to make with it. I had the perfect fabric to match the trim.

I new the finished length from the Sew Flouncy instructions for a 3t and I was not changing the bodice measurements so it was only the two tiers I needed to adjust for the addition of the lace trim.
The 2nd and 3rd tier called for an 8" width for a total of 16"
My bottom lace trim was a 5" so that leaves 11 inches I need to make up. I cut the first and second tier at 5.5 width giving me my total width for the whole length of the dress.

I find many treasures at my local "MARDINS" surplus store and the 2" lace trim was just perfect for this darling little dress. I think I paid $.15 cents a yard for the lace trim.
What is so perfect about this style is that it doesn't just have to be worn in the summer it can also be worn in the other seasons by just adding some leggings or tights with a cute top.

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