Monday, March 5, 2012


I took my recipe box tutorial I wrote and decided to step it up to add some new features. I am always searching for my conversion charts, measurements and cooking temps. I decided to add them all to the recipe box so I have them right in front of me at all times.

The top of the lid has 4 pull out tags with abbreviations, and measurements conversions to refer to when I need them. 

The back side of the box has more conversion charts for tablespoons and ounces to ml.

The inside lid has cooking temperatures for cooking foods at just the right temperature.

There are 12 dividers and 50 recipe cards. I created the recipe cards in Microsoft word along with the labels for the dividers

You can purchase the finished recipe box while supplies last at my Etsy store or you can make your own and design your own style by purchasing my instructions at my Craftsy pattern site.

Click HERE to go to CRAFTSY to get the instruction 

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  1. Thiis so cute!!

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