Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I was feeling a little cluttered this winter so I asked hubby to help me out with more storage room. I wanted a place that I could sit and read on those days I am not feeling to crafty. I had an idea and went to work. 

I searched the web all over and just knew what I wanted. A SEAT BENCH that was in front of my windows over looking the lake. You can't see the lake as the picture were taken at night but trust me it's breath taking. 

The bench was made with 2 x 4, bead board and trim. The top lifts up for tons and I mean tons of storage. 

I made all of the pillow cases YUP the cushion is made up of 5 pillow with 1 up against the back wall. The two lime green ones are just a perfect combination for the print which by the way is my favorite print I bought at Wal-Mart. I know right Wal-Mart!!

The little corner closet is full of shelf's from floor to ceiling in an l shape

This is my creating nook. Yes my little corner of creativity that I can spend days in. All my friends tease me and some hate crafting with me because I craft neatly. I clean as I play. 

I bought these shelving units at Mardins for $21 for the two tall ones each and $16 for the short one. Hubby screwed them altogether and presto a wall unit. I used spring tension rods for the ribbon. and lots of mason jars for my ribbon and trim. The baskets are full of fabric.

A better view of the corner nook

I will try to get better pictures of the room as these were taken at night so they do not do the room any justice at all. 

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  1. It is not only lovely, but practical too! Great job :)