Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hubby had some 2 x 4 left over so I decided to steal them and make these little quote blocks.
I had him cut them at different sizes starting with 8" for the bottom 7", 6" and ending with 5' for the top one. He then glued them in place so they would not shift. Spray painted them black and I went to work on creating the SCAL svg file to cut with my cutter. 

I am sharing the file below but you will need SCAL (Sure cuts a lot)

Click below to get the svg SCAL file. 

I love this next Quote block and it is a quote I made up. It just sounded right together. 

Live, Laugh, Love life today
and have GOD guide me 
in every way" 
"Quoted by Shannon Hebert"

Download the SCAL svg file by clicking below.

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