Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I love these two combination of turquoise flannel fabric match together. This one was a fun one to make. It is a twin size so that I have plenty to cuddle with on a cold winter day.
Be sure to applique each of you applique before you sew the blocks together. I however did not do that and had a harder time sewing on the applique because of this. My throat on my sewing machine is not overly large so I had to keep rolling and moving the blanket around.
Below is my pattern for this rag quilt ENJOY!!!
The squares are 9 1/2 x 91/2
Use 1/2 seam allowance
this is a 7 x 9 square pattern
Once you have the blanket all sewn together clip it every 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch depending on how much ragging you want. Wash and shave.
I found an AWESOME sweater shaver at Amazon.com that is electric and battery operated. It is also a much larger one that the traditional small ones I have used.
Hop on over to AMAZON to check out all the great sweater shavers. This is a must have tool for any rag quilter.

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