Sunday, June 22, 2014


This year has been a tough year, as we found out my beautiful 39 year old sister has pancreatic cancer. It has been a long road for all. No one can understand the full impact of CANCER until they are touched personally with it. It can destroy households, reek havoc among the calmest individuals and can leave you feeling completely broken.
HOWEVER, through FAITH and the miracle of GOD we do not have to let CANCER do any of those things.
I believe GOD will give us a miracle when the time is right. So with that said. I knew I just had to make my sister her glitter shoes to go out and celebrate when she beats CANCER.
I took a pair of Black suede high heels I had purchased and covered them with decoupage and then added purple (purple is for pancreatic cancer) glitter all over. I did the same thing to the heal and bottom part with silver glitter. Once it dried completely, I blinged the shoes with diamonds.
It was a very easy project to complete and she will look just stunning

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