Friday, August 1, 2014


I love doing my own nails now that I have practiced enough to be good at it. My favorite style of course is tips. White, blue, red, pink, silver, purple any color of tips really.
I took inspiration from the movie "FROZEN" to do this style and design of my blue sparkle tips with the gem crowns.
I used a pretty natural light pink color I bought at Debs on clearance called "No Color",  Avons "Brushed Metals" Platinum which is a sparkly blue, Bedazzle nail art "Blue crown tips", and Nutra Nail "Speed Dry Top Coat"
The key to long lasting home manicures is letting each layer dry before applying another layer. I then add a "Speed Dry Top Coat" for the first two days. This will protect the design and it will last up to two weeks. Be sure you use a very good top coat.

I also did matching toe nails using just the "Platinum", One nail art on each big toe and the top coat.

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