Sunday, December 28, 2014


Can you say "A Touch of Vintage".

I love how this came out.

I made my "Miss DownTown Abby" Hat and this matching scarf as a gift for my mother for Christmas.

You can get the "Miss DownTown Abby" pattern HERE
The scarf pattern is below
The scarf is also done up in two colors

I used Red Hearts "Burgundy" and "Buff"

V Stitch - Dc, chain 1, dc
Shell - 3 to 5 dc in same stitch. Your can do as many as you want the shell to have. the more dc in the same stitch the bigger the shell. I did 3 for mine.
Chain 196, join to first chain to form a large ring. Be sure not to twist the chains.
Round 1 - Chain 1, hdc in same as joining and each chain around. Join to the back loop of the first hdc.
You will work in the back loop only of the next round.
Round 2 -  Chain 1, dc in same as the chain 1, skip 2 hdc, V stitch in next hdc,  *skip 2 stitches, v stitch in next hdc. *repeat till the end. You will have 3 stitched left, skip all 3, join with a slip stitch to first dc. 
Round 3 -  Chain 1, dc in same as chain , *work shell stitch in chain 1 of V stitch. *repeat  around to end. Join with a slip stitch to the back loop of the beginning dc.
Rounds 4-7 - Repeat rows 2-3, 2 more times ending the last row by changing color.
Rounds 8-13 - Repeat rows 2-3, 4 times with second color.
Round 14 - Hdc in each stitch around. Finish off
The rose is a removable rose adhered to a safety pin. It can be worn on the hat or on the scarf. The rose pattern is not mine and is used from a pattern I bought on Etsy. I finished off the edging by doing a slip stitch all around the rose with the burgundy yarn.
There are several rose patterns on the internet you can get for free. I have listed some below

Rose pattern links
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Here is another set I made using the scarf pattern. The hat my 'Miss DownTown Abby" hat patter found: