Saturday, March 14, 2015


This is one of my favorite patterns to make. It whips up pretty fast. 

My favorite yarn to use with this is Deborah Norville's Chunky Weight. 

This pattern is pretty close to my own pattern for the my "Miss Downtown Abby hat" I wrote up using half double crochet stitches. This one uses double crochet stitches. I have had several request to please do up instructions for smaller sizes in my "Downtown Abby Hat". So you can imagine how pleased I was to find this site with the smaller hat sizes that matches my own. 

The butterfly instructions can be found at Fine Craft Guild HERE. I used a J hook for mine.

The pattern can be found at "Repeat me Crafter". (she has lots of great crochet instructions)


Be creative and embellish your designs with different flowers and trim color to match the flowers.

I love putting a big flower on small hats

This set was made for two newborn twins, for a photo shoot, along with the first set of hats with the butterfly in this post. For this I held two strings of Red Hearts 4 ply yarn. 

I was asked to make a Mommy and Me set for a friend. I made one of my "Downtown Abby Hats" and the pattern from Repeat Crafter Me to make a toddler size. I used 2 strings held together of Red Heart's 4 ply yarn. I crochet very tightly so you will want to play around with hook sizes. 

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