Thursday, June 4, 2015


I have been SEW busy with "Sew Many Hearts for Giving" that I have not added any post to this blog in a while. I will work on getting my new creations up in the next few weeks. Summer is also here so we know what that means. MORE OUTSIDE than inside doing outdoor activities. 

But in the meantime let me tell you how Sew Many Hearts for Giving is doing

As you can see above we have received over 100 crochet hats to distribute to our hospitals and cancer centers here in Northern Maine. 

I held our very first gather on May 16th and meet some great new volunteers

I packaged 4 baskets to distribute to our local hospitals Cary Medical, TAMC, NMMC and NMG

What a blessing it is to see this take off and come to life. This was a dream that Dawn (my dearly departed sister) and I started in 2013 but never went far with it due to her own diagnoses of pancreatic cancer. She lost her battle in January 2015. 

I made a promise that I would see it through and be sure I had just the right person to help me in this journey. I was very blessed to find Crystal Parent who is my co-leader and has the passion for 
"Sew Many Hearts for Giving" and what it represents. 

Hope on over to the blog and find out what we are all about. 

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