Saturday, February 27, 2016


SLIPPERS, SLIPPERS, SLIPPERS! Everyone loves slippers. My hubby bought me a  new type of yarn this Christmas that I had never used. I had seen it, but never knew what to make with the yarn so I never bought it myself. When I open the Bernat Blanket yarn as one of my gifts this year, I was pleasantly surprised at what I could make. I just knew I had to make a pair of slippers with this comfy and soft yarn. So off to Pinterest I went. I found this amazing pin that was just perfect for making my slippers over at Owl Be Yarned

Off to work I went. Once I created my first pair and saw how comfy they were I purchased as many colors in this yarn to make several gifts for all my family and friends. 

The above picture is for my 3 year old nephew. 

I used several different hook sizes to achieve several different slipper sizes. The set below is a mommy and me set that was a special order I had made. 

My slippers have become so popular that I am now selling them. I created my own packaging for when I sell my slippers or even just give them as gifts. It looks finished and I think presentation is everything. 


  1. Looks great! Where did you get the packaging done? Looks very professional! Great job! !!!

  2. Thank you! I created them in Microsoft word and then printed them on my printer